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About Keystone Castors and Wheels

Established for over 85 years

Keystone Castors & Wheels is the UK's leading supplier of castors, wheels and associated products. We are accredited with ISO9001:2015 (first certificated October 1989) and have been supplying casters and wheels to UK customers, both industry and domestic, since 1929. With over 30,000 customers of all sizes on our database, we have the quality ranges, the stock levels, the service and the experience to help you find the right castors, for the right application at the right price, right from our own warehouse.

Our castors online store is a simplified, yet comprehensive, display of our total castors & wheels product lines. Our website is designed to offer our online customers our most popular ranges which will meet most standard uses. We use the secure WorldPay payment gateway as well as PayPal for online orders so you can shop with the peace of mind that these two payment methods bring. Furthermore, online customers have the option to "click & collect" and pay upon collection from our Birmingham City Centre Trade Counter.

With our castors and caster wheels stored in our own 16,000 sq.ft. warehouse, we have always been an established UK Castor Company now offering castors online. This means you have the convenience of buying castors online and the confidence of buying from a well established and reputable company.

It's amazing how many different castors and wheels there are with differing specifications, applications, and, price/quality trade offs. This is because there are so many different applications for casters and wheels such as, trolley castors, sack trucks, garden trolleys, furniture, transport systems, conveyors, pallet trucks, hospital apparatus, cricket covers and sight screens, football goals, and many more. Each application has different requirements and a different type of castor will be best suited to it. At Keystone, you can select the castors online or take the hassle out and talk to one of our experienced castor and wheel experts to help you identify the right castor for you and discuss your options.

For business customers, we have a team of experienced field sales representatives who can visit you to conduct a castor survey and help identify castors for you. Business customers can also apply for a Trade Credit Account and enjoy a 30 days credit facility.

Customers needing to place large orders or bulk purchases are encouraged to contact us with their requirements so we can offer you special deals on castors and wheels

We are main distributors for British Manufacturers including: Flexello Castors, Revvo Castors, British Castors, as well as leading European Castor and Wheel Manufacturers such as Tente Castors. We are also the official UK distributor for the Footmaster Castor.

Footmaster Levelling Castors: Keystone stock the complete range of Footmaster levelling casters. This product offers the versatility of 360-degree movement, levelling and vibration dampening. Levelling castors allow you to move and position large equipment single handed. Because each castor is adjusted individually, equipment can be levelled easily. Since each castor is adjusted individually, like jacking castors, each foot master castor may be subjected to half the total weight. Therefore, the maximum recommended load weight for this castor is twice the load capacity of the castors load capacity.

Furniture Castors: A comprehensive range of furniture castors and office chair castors.

Gate Castors: Gate castors are important to support large doors or heavy sliding steel gates (up to 75kg). The self levelling spring incorporated into the gate castor copes with uneven floors and provides support for the door to alleviate some of the strain on the hinges. Furthermore, a suitable gate castor will prevent damage to your flooring caused by the door or gate dragging on the floor.

Light Duty Castors: These ranges are perfect for most light duty applications where castors are moved by hand (manual propulsion rather than power towed). These castors are available with a variety of caster wheel materials and range from 40mm to 200mm in wheel diameter and have individual castor load capacities of 40kg to 205kg

Medium Duty Castors: Medium Duty Castors are more robust that light duty castor ranges as they are made with thicker pressed steel flames. A wide variety of wheel options is available and wheel diameter sizes range from 80mm to 260mm with individual castor load capacities of 75kg to 350kg

Heavy Duty Castors: Built with strong steel frames and available with an extensive range of wheels. These castors are made for tough applications. The Wheel Diameters available range from 100mm to 300mm with load rating of 150kg to 1,500kg.

Fabricated (welded) Steel Castors: Fabricated Steel Castors have welded brackets and tend to be more robust than pressed steel brackets. Our ranges are made for heavy loads and come with a range of wheel materials. One of the most popular is Polyurethane tyres on a cast iron centre because this wheel has a high load capacity and because the tread is softer than a hard tread wheel like cast iron, won't damage the floor. Furthermore, polyurethane tyre wheels are more had wearing than rubber tyre and can have up to 10 times the useful life of a rubber tyre caster wheel. These ranges have wheel diameters of 100mm to 300mm and individual load capacities of 200kg to 1,300kg.  




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